Victims support

victims support

Throughout the process we advise and help our clients who are victims of crimes

Preliminary Information

The judicial procedure is often complex. Our main mission is to inform you of all your rights and on what to expect during the procedure.

Filing a Complaint

This can either be done directly with the investigators in charge or with the public prosecutor, you can also submit a complaint directly with the investigating judge in civil proceedings. In each of the above situations, our firm will help you and enter directly into contact with the judicial team assigned to your case to ensure an effective outcome for your complaint.

Hearing before the police or the investigating judge

Following crimes you have been victim of, you can be called before the police services or the investigating judge to present your side of the case and the resulting prejudice, but also to confront the accused. We will help you in each of these situations.

We will help you in each of these situations.

Assistance at the Correctional Tribunal, Court of Appeal and Criminal Court

During these hearings, the plaintiff’s lawyer must make his voice heard and demand compensation for prejudice, either entirely or through a provisional indemnity if the extent of the prejudice requires an expert’s intervention.

Assistance in the claim settlement and interest phase

In order to obtain the best compensation for a prejudice against you, our mission is to demand the most complete compensation. We can insist that you be examined by a legal expert, if necessary, so that the prejudice against you can be studied in detail. If the accused is uncreditworthy we can file with the compensation commission for victims of crime (Commission d’Indemnisation des Victimes d’Infractions - CIVI) or the service of financial assistance for the victims of crime (Service d’Aide au Recouvrement des Victimes d’Infractions - SARVI) to ensure you receive an advance payment from the guarantee fund for victims of crime.