The Law firm

The law firm

We are located in the heart of the historic centre of Lille, close to the High Court and just under an hour from Paris.

The location of our law firm underscores our philosophy: develop a confidential relationship with our clients together with the confidence and experience of lawyers who can intervene in all legal jurisdictions nationally.


Mr Delarue has been registered at the bar in Lille since 1999. He worked closely with Eric Dupond-Moretti before founding his law firm in 2005. He intervenes exclusively in general criminal law, economic and financial criminal law and transportation law; he has now been defending his clients for almost 20 years, from the first moment of custody to the hearing. Mr Delarue has been on the Lille legal advisory council (Conseil de l’Ordre du Barreau de Lille) since 2015 and is also on the board of the association of criminal lawyers. His experience allows him to plead before all the Correctional Tribunals, Courts of Appeal and Criminal Courts.


A graduate in private law and criminal sciences, Ms Jankielewicz joined Mr Julien Delarue’s law firm in 2010, before becoming his associate in 2017. She pleads before all the criminal jurisdictions - Correctional Tribunals, Courts of Appeal and Criminal Courts. She has also gained experience in assisting victims, which allows her to advise and help her clients at every stage of the procedure (inquiry, process, compensation).


Associate lawyer in the law firm, Mr Sarrat intervenes in all criminal jurisdictions. He holds a master’s degree in criminal law and was also awarded first prize for closing arguments in a competition for law students at the Caen Memorial.